Damien Morard

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Hey, my name is Damien. I am a PhD student at the University of Geneva and researcher in computer science. My research areas include semantics, modeling and verification. Currently, I am working on improving High-level Petri nets by adding a way to use functions as token. My goal is to reduce the semantic gap between an implementation and its model.

Work Experience

PhD Student

( Sep 2018 - Present )

I'm working on an extension of High-level Petri nets, adding a way to use functions as token.


( Sep 2018 - Present )

I've given courses/exercises for bachelor and master students in the domain of "Semantics" and "Software Modeling and Verification".



Swift, Python, Matlab, OWL, RDF, SPARQL

Git, Linux

Semantics, Modeling, Verification, Knowledge Representation